Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Muffin Tin Jewelry Challenge Winner

What's cooking hot stuff?

Obviously a whole lot of creativity and talent were cooking last week.  I threw down a crazy gauntlet of a challenge and our community rose up and blew me away!  At first I wasn't going to do a blog hop type of post for today, because we have our awesome Monthly Challenge blog tour in a few days, but you guys deserve a little link love if you finished this one.  Doing the challenge myself last week, I know what a crazy amount of work went into finishing, especially if you had other things going on. 

So here are the creative bakers:

I noticed that some of you mentioned this helped in the design process and that they would use the muffin method again to help increase their productivity - that's enough to make you want to raid your baking pan cupboard!  I also noticed that several of you took the muffin tin while you traveled and one brave blogger even completed the challenge while moving. 

So I think this challenge accomplished everything I set out to do - inspire, help you narrow down design choices, give you some portability and create a body of work in short amount of time! 

I tip my baker's hat to you - ha, did you picture me with a baker's hat - giving you a little nod?  Or maybe I should curtsy in an apron - either way know that I am very proud of the artists who jumped in last week.

What - you want me to announce a winner?  Well, it just so happens that one has been randomly chosen from all the qualifying entries - SilverRose Designs!!!  Congratulations!  Please email me your address, I have quite an amazing prize to send to you.

Holly finished 12 pieces with a mix of earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  All sprinkled with lot of art beads - love seeing that - and a heaping dose of creativity while stirring in the pot the mix of taking care of her family.

Now, let's go find some real muffins or cupcakes and celebrate while we check out every one's blog posts! 

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