Selasa, 31 Maret 2009

More, More, More...

118 and counting! The Disintegration Collaboration keeps growing and growing. Thanks to all the artists who recently joined in. 10 participants are highlighted below. And believe it or not their bundles include...paper, yarn, string, rusty metal, 16 mm film, sheet music, ribbon, teabags, coins, lottery ticket, gold leaf, glass slide, envelope, diary, food(!), artwork, sponge, wipes, toy, feather, canvas, slide film, newspaper, toilet roll, photographs, crepe paper, cotton buds, 2 sticky fish, a lollipop stick, fabric, Christmas card, Artist Trading Card, gift bag, dryer lint, chicken wire, steel. tissue paper, lipstick, key ring, keys, safety pin, paper clip, scrim, and a hand cast a goddess of unfired porcelain clay! Now this is what I call creative.

Shayla from Shaylasturbia

Judith from Artisticaneum

Serena from SerenArts and Such

Kim no blog

Debbie from Mistress Debrina's Diary

Rosie from Rambles, Raindrops, Reflections

Gina from BT - The Crafty Gardener

Katie from Joyously Becoming

Kerin from Remnants of Olde

Pat from The Weaver of Grass

Jumat, 27 Maret 2009

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