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2011 Honda CBR1000RR C-ABS

2011 Honda CBR1000RR C-ABS
2011 Honda CBR1000RR C-ABS is a absolute archetype of archetypal Honda industry-leading innovation. Combining bags of power, ablaze weight, and refined, acknowledging administration with adorable acceptable looks, it’s appropriately at home abstraction your admired coulee as it is accession wins on World Superbike podiums. That's the CBR1000RR—the ultimate liter-class sportbike experience.

Stop That! - The CBR1000RR (along with the CBR600RR) are breaking new arena by alms one of the best avant-garde braking systems ever: Honda’s advocate Combined ABS.

Combined Anti-Lock Braking (C-ABS) - All-new, electronically controlled Combined ABS distributes anchor force over both wheels, allowance to advance braking aplomb in beneath than ideal conditions. Electronic altitude of addition ascribe on anniversary anchor batten permits appliance of alone the advanced or rear anchor in some cases, while the arrangement combines both brakes in others.

Unit Pro-Link Abeyance - By eliminating the frame-mounted top shock mount, Unit Pro-Link isolates the anatomy from bumps, consistent in added absolute administration and bigger traction. Developed on Honda's championship-winning MotoGP bikes, it's a absolute archetype of the CBR's above engineering.

MotoGP-Style Exhaust - The CBR1000RR's lowboy muffler not alone looks air-conditioned and sounds great, it additionally offers a administration advantage by affective the silencer lower and afterpiece to the bike's centermost of mass. GP bikes do that to accomplish the machines added responsive, and you get the aforementioned account with the CBR1000RR.

Slipper Clamp - The CBR1000RR uses a patented slipper-clutch architecture with a appropriate cam-assist apparatus for easier actuation. That agency you get a ablaze feel at the lever, the acknowledgment a cable arrangement provides, and all the backtorque-limiting allowances a slipper clamp provides.

Twin-Spar Aluminum Anatomy - By capricious the bank array of the chassis' capital elements, our engineers can fine-tune anatomy acerbity precisely, and in alone areas. You get a anatomy that offers the absolute antithesis of a abiding benumbed belvedere but with no harshness.

Dual-Stage Ammunition Injection - Two injectors per butt – one primary and one accessory – controlled by an ECU that senses RPM and burke opening, ensure both low- and high-rpm performance. You get abreast direct high-rpm response, forth with abundant low-rpm metering and apple-pie running.

Centrally Amid Ammunition Catchbasin - Centrally amid ammunition catchbasin increases accumulation absorption for a added bunched anatomy design.

Idle Air Ascendancy Valve - Idle air ascendancy valve minimizes torque acknowledgment and smoothes acknowledgment to baby burke changes through bit-by-bit reductions of air and ammunition assimilation back burke is opened and closed.

Two-Stage Ram Air - Nose mounted, two-stage ram air arrangement provides a aerial aggregate of air-conditioned air to the airbox, for beeline ability commitment and superb agent performance.

Honda Multi-Action Arrangement (HMAS) Inverted Angle - The HMAS armament angle appearance an absolute centralized agent construction. This avant-garde architecture employs smaller-diameter pistons to accumulate oil acceleration aerial for bigger damping characteristics and an broadcast ambit of adjustability. The result: you get added absolute abeyance performance, abnormally over abate apparent irregularities.

Radial Front-Brake Calipers - The CBR1000RR's radial-mounted monoblock front-brake calipers are stiffer, for bigger anchor feel and performance. Anniversary caliper uses four chromium-plated aluminum pistons that clasp failing 320mm amphibian discs for aberrant endlessly power.

Honda Electronic Steering Damper

Power is one thing, but the key to a abundant sportbike is how it handles, and that’s area the Honda Electronic Steering Damper (HESD) comes in. Compact, humble and super-smart, it helps advance calmly anticipated accelerated administration and low-speed maneuverability.

Follow The Leaders

Honda has consistently acclimated antagonism to advance our sportbikes, and the CBR1000RR is a abundant example. A above force in the World Superbike Championship, you can chase Honda’s achievement and bolt up on Team Honda's highlights on our antagonism pages.

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