Jumat, 30 April 2010

Vintage Clothing Labels

This was a wonderful find in the outdoor market in Paris.
In a clear bag I noticed this collection of men's clothing labels.
I always wonder how these collections come together. Did someone actually collect all these labels from their own purchases or did a dealer buy out an old clothing store lot?

I am always on the look out for great "manly imagery" for my card making projects. I just love how each label was attached with a red cord and a gold metal embellishment held everything in place. It's the sort of label few companies would attach to an item today. This would be very expensive to produce and then attach individually to a garment. I am glad these were collected with the matching brochure.

Friday Finds with Lorelei: Soften it up!

This week I have pulled together a nice selection of beautiful textile options for your current jewelry designs.  A little bit of ribbon or lace, will help soften up your designs and romanticize your overall look! I chose a little bit of everything and even threw in some leather, felted wool and linen cording too. HAPPY SHOPPING!

1. Mixed Mini doilies: FreshVintageCrafts
2. Frayed Rosettes: FreshVintageCrafts
3. Yellow Cotton Crochet lace: HennyTJ
4. Balance Handspun Yarn- SimplyTwisted
5. Abalone Hand Dyed silk cord- TandZSupplies
6. Carnival Swirl Felt balls- TaraTaraTara
7. Fiber Beads- EBrown2503
8. Lace Trims- SimplyCardsbyChan
9. Pom Pom Trim in Pink- Junqueart
10.  Aqua Seam Binding- Junqueart
11. French Stamped Seam binding- ALittleScrappy
12. Sage Green Leather lace- LilysOffering
13. Chocolate Brown Leather cording- PetiteSpoon
14. Natural Torsion Lace- UniqueShiny
15. Waxed Linen Cording- RiverBendBranchStudio
16. Ten Silk Ribbon Knot Bundle- MarshaNealStudio

Kamis, 29 April 2010

It's True...

True Colors. The Event. Beginning May 9 on The Altered Page. Stay tuned...

Zombie Nurse

Much like the living, zombies also come in all shapes, sizes and lines of work, just checkout these, dare i say sexy, zombie nurses.

Don't be fooled when these zombie girls try and test your vital signs, they just wanna make sure you're edible...
Picture of helpful zombie nurse.
Photo of hungry zombie nurse.
Zombie nurse eating.
Zombie nurse with mask.
Pink haired zombie girl.

Zombie Nazis

There almost always seems to be a debate on zombie tendency's and which ones are more deadly. Mostly concerning which type of zombies are better "slow" or "fast" zombies.

The debate is endless and somewhat pointless, however one thing we can all agree on is that zombie Nazis are simply the worst.

Checkout these pictures of zombie Nazis from the excellent zombie movie entitled Dead Snow or "Død snø".
Zombie Nazis from the film Dead Snow.

One of A Kind Cards

Now these are true one of a kind art cards!
I bought them in the little gift shop attached to the Louvre gardens in Paris. This shop is dedicated to gardening...so no surprise that they would choose an artist who used dried flowers and leaves in her work.

I almost bought all the cards. It was so hard to reign myself in! But I was mesmerised by the detail and the plants that she used to create outfits for these girls.

There was no website or email attached to the cards so I need to admire the artist from afar.

Here are a few detail images.

The moss was a beautiful touch.

Huge petals were incorporated into this card! Note the hand writing.

The hands were both modern and sweet.
I need to find a way to protect these cards so I can leave them out on display. I think I will put them in a clear plastic sleeve and then arrange them on a bulletin board.

Create a Neck Cuff for your Art Bead

Sometime last summer, I began going tribal. I was very inspired by the National Geographic show and recorded all the past episodes of Going Tribal to watch several times. One of the details that caught and held my attention were the neck cuffs that were fashioned in rudimentary ways. The cuffs on the different tribes featured on the show had a common denominator in that they held a special charm or talisman that meant something to the wearer. Some of the neck cuffs had collections of several "charms", others were simple with one or two hanging in the center.
 A light bulb idea! What if a neck cuff could be hammered out to feature a special Art Bead? I'd never made a neck cuff before but I had already hammered out a heavy gauge bangle, how much harder could it be?

 I was surprised by a couple of things; 1 - You do not need a steel neck mandrel to curve the wire. Sweet! This saves you at least $60 bucks! And 2 - they are surprisingly comfortable to wear. In fact, they bring to the surface a wild feeling inside that has been smothered by years of proper society upbringing.

What you do need;
Bench block - or other hard surface to hammer the wire against, even wood could work.
Hammer - my favorite hammer to use was found in my grandpa's old tool chest.
Flexible measuring tape - something that measures over 18 inches would be most helpful.
Heavy Gauge Wire - Copper, brass or sterling silver, dead soft, 14 gauge keeps its shape very well after hammering. You will need to make sure the Art Bead will slide over the wire before curving the wire.
Flush cutters - Heavy duty wire cutters to cut through your 14 gauge wire
Chain nose pliers - you will need a good pair of wide, chain nose pliers to firmly grip the wire as you shape it.
Round nose pliers - optional, you do not need a perfect loop formed for your latch 
Medium jewelers file - I use a dremel with a sanding drum bit to save time and work but a medium rasp jewelers file is an inexpensive way to smooth the edges of your cut wire.
Sharpie pen - to mark measurements on the wire

Begin by measuring  your neck where you would like the neck cuff to lie. To create a neck cuff that latches, you will need to cut that measurement plus 3" from your heavy gauge wire. File the cut edges smooth with your jewelers file. Hold the file at an angle as you run its length down the cut edge of the ends.

To curve the wire into a rounded, oval neck cuff shape, hold the middle of the wire in your left hand and tap the hammer on the end of the wire over the bench block with a straight up and down motion. Gradually move the hammer up towards the middle of the wire as you gently move the left hand up. The wire will begin to curve in as you hammer.

Once you reach the middle of your wire, slide on the Art Bead and switch sides so you are holding the curved side in your left hand now and hammering the straight side against the block. Repeat the same motion as previously so this side of the wire curves in also. You can create a sharper bend in the middle of the neck cuff by pushing in on both sides of the ends.

Once the curve is to your liking, measure 1"  from one end of the curved wire, mark this measurement with a sharpie pen. Grip this mark with your round nose pliers and bend the end of the wire towards the middle of the neck cuff to form a curve. Press in with the chain nose pliers to complete the loop. This will be the side the latch hooks into.

The other side of the neck cuff can be curved in at 1" to form a simple latch. If you grip the latch in your chain nose pliers and turn it slightly to the side, it will easily slide into the curved loop, creating a secure clasp that will stay closed while the piece is being worn. The amazing thing is; you do not even feel the latch at the back of your neck!

My special clay Art Bead was a gift from the talented and most gracious Barbara Wukich, whom I would link you to but she does not sell online. It's special meaning is accented by the rattles inside the fired clay. This unique bead required a necklace that is as rustic and primitive but did not over power it. I choose to hold it in place on the neck cuff with strips of recycled sari silk and bound wire. A simple tassel of more silk, patina-ted chain and organic shaped bits of metal are hung next to the bead to add to it's wild, tribal charm.
Now I just need a place to wear my tribal neck cuff! I hope you are encouraged to hammer out your own neck cuff from these instructions, I think you will be surprised at just how easy it is.
Much Love & Respect,

CPS 164 Part 4

Designer: Jennifer Buck

Patterned Paper: Jillibean Soup Grandmas Christmas Soup
Stamp Set: Unity Stamp Co. Merry, Merry
Ribbon: Stampin' Up!

Merry Christmas
Designer: Angie Hagist

Cardstock: Bazzill
Patterned Paper: October Afternoon
Wildcard: October Afternoon
Ribbon: Michaels

Hang in There
Designer: Debbie Olson

Supplies: Tree Swing by My Favorite Things Stamps
Cardstock: Vintage Cream, Dark Chocolate (Papertrey Ink)
Patterned Papers: Earth Love Mini Deck by Cosmo Cricket
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black, Memento Rich Cocoa; Chamomile Vintage Distress System (PTI)
Coloring Medium: Copic Markers
Accessories: Dark Chocolate Twill (Papertrey Ink); Mini Pin (Tim Holtz)

Just Like Dad
Designer: Laura Williams

stamps - Tami Mayberry's Oh Boy! set by Gina K Designs
patterned paper - October Afternoon
cardstock - Couture Cardstock
ink - Close To My Heart

Feel Better
Designer: Jennifer Buck

patterned paper: My Minds Eye Hip & Luxurious Basics
Unity Stamp Co. Heart Times stamp
My Minds Eye ribbon
Copic markers

This week's prize is sponsored by: My Favorite Things. Be sure to check here each Wednesday to see what you could win along with some great samples from our Sponsor Spotlight team.
To enter this week's random drawing simply share your design with the CPS readers. Simply click on this week's sketch image in the side bar. This will take you directly to the post where you can add your link. Please use a direct link to your card so the readers can easily find it.

Rabu, 28 April 2010

Zombie Kit

Unfortunately must people don't have the slightest clue as how to kill a zombie or even stay alive during a zombie attack.

So just encase you face an all out zombie attack, you can now rely on the "Emergency Zombie Defense Station". That's right, your very own zombie kit, perfect for any type of zombie fending.

The zombie kit includes: Shotgun with just enough shells, a trusty zombie hunting knife and a shield to block those pesky zombie bites.

I guess now we just wait for the inevitable impending zombie attack...

Zombie Boy

Get ready for to see something very cool and perhaps ground breaking, his name is Rick and he lives in Canada and he will stop a nothing to fulfill his dream of becoming a brain eating zombie.

See more pictures of zombie boy.
Zombie boy exposed brain tattoo with spider.
Full skeletal back tattoo.
Zombie boy near full body tattoos.

Zombie Costumes

I think its safe to say that zombie costumes are cooler than the other side of the pillow, and with so many to different zombie costumes to choose from, picking out the one that fits you best is often the most difficult task.

Find loads of great zombie costumes and tons of other costumes over at Buy Costumes.com

Costumes and Party Supplies

Costumes and Party Supplies

Bundle Up

As part of my current article on the DisCo project in the May/June issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, the magazine is sponsoring a readers challenge on their website. If you did not participate in the Disintegration Collaboration the first time around (or even if you did), now is your chance. Create your own art bundle, place it in nature, and repurpose the materials to create a new artwork.

CPS has created a dedicated webpage on their site so that you can upload photos of your bundle for all three steps of the project. You can go to their homepage and click on the "DisCo Project" link. Or click here to go directly to the DisCo page. While you are there, you can already see many of the bundles and repurposed art pieces created by the original participants in the project. In order to add your own pictures, you have to register to be a member of their web community.

The images in this post are all taken from the sample bundle that I created for the article. In the magazine, you can find step-by-step instructions to recreate this bundle. Or you can simply use the instructions as a loose guide and create your own bundle in any shape or form you like. You will also find a list of helpful "bundle tips" in the magazine.

I made two identical bundles (approximately 30 1/2" x 7 1/2") for CPS and am offering both to readers of my blog through a giveaway. To have a chance to win, please just leave a comment on this post by the end of Tuesday May 4th. I will randomly select and post the names of the two winners on Wednesday May 5th. Good luck!