Senin, 04 Juli 2011

Peace Bird Brooch for Artbeads.Com

 I have had a vision for this brooch for a few weeks now.
My friend Ara gifted me with these fantastic white birds.  I wanted to wear them somehow and finally decided that I should use a decorative eye pin to attach them to other findings.
The "Antiqued Ancient Pin" and the "Porcelain Rectangle Spy Pendant" are both from I selected them as part of the spring/summer blogger program.  The pin and the pendant are both so pretty that I didn't want to cover them up.
It looks exactly like I pictured it in my mind here on my black linen jacket.
I am certain it will attract a lot of attention!
 If you do go to the site you might notice that this bead is available.  It is almost identical to the pendant I used.
My pendant looks like this from the side.  Either one could work.  With the sale on I plan to buy a few more!

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