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2012 KTM Enduro Line XC models

2012 KTM Enduro Line XC models
KTM enduro line is broader and more diverse in the industry, and it gets even more enhanced for 2012. Four-stroke models are available in XCF 250, 350, 450 and 500 cc versions, while KTM continues to serve the die-hard fans two times with 150, 200, 250 and 300cc XC models. And most of the engines have the option of being matched with a wide ratio transmission, identified by the "-W" designation.

KTM enduro bikes presented its 2012 in the Kara Inyan AMA National Enduro in Upton, Wyoming. And once I had the opportunity to make a quick evaluation of different models that were allowed to choose our favorite KTM to compete in the enduro the next day. Funny? Of course!

All bikes have a new stronger body and hand guards, plus an air chamber design new rear-facing outlets that promise to be more water resistant than previous models. Excel used tires, wrapped in Dunlop tires. WP forks get new seals to reduce stiction and improve the performance of small impacts.

The 250cc two-stroke 300cc and XCS get a new frame and swingarm with a new non-PDS shock linkage. The two-strokes also gets a redesigned reed valve to increase torque and smooth power curve. The 300 also receives a new cylinder and two bikes share a new 2.7-liter fuel tank and electric starter system more reliable.

The four-stroke XCFs received most of 2012 updates, from a new frame, swingarm and shock linkage with PDS not revised rate increase. New cast triple clamps with 22 mm offset to improve handling characteristics and bending of the new image. All engines are four stroke engine of new cases that are more flexible than previous offerings, which means it will take a bit of impact rather than crack. The cooling system has been enhanced with integrated routing on the frame and new connectors. The 450 and 500 also come with electric fans.

Fuel injection is provided by the last Keihin throttle body 42 mm, with automatic compensation of temperature and altitude.

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