Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

2011 Triumph Adventure Tiger 1050 ABS SE

2011 Triumph Adventure Tiger 1050 ABS SE2011 Triumph Adventure Tiger 1050 ABS SE

Taking 1050 as the standard Tiger base, the SE adds a unique color scheme and a higher specification which includes our sophisticated ABS as standard, Crates same color and forearm.

Ease of use has always been synonymous with Tigre. The torque 1050 cc three-cylinder engine delivers a sound infectious and feel, boasting the performance specifications of a sport bike, the preparation of the swingarm, fully adjustable inverted forks, preload and adjustable rear shock remote, two front discs floating radial four-piston 17-inch wheels with tires 120/180 sporty profile.

The high driving position offers a view over the traffic, which passes through the rush hour traffic easy. The road will be delighted with the muscular 1050 cc triple, along with powerful brakes and a sport chassis, high specification, to make carving through the triangles a real pleasure. For the long term, the ergonomically designed seat and cowl screen ensures a comfortable ride no matter the distance

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