Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

2011 BMW F800R Naked Roadster

2011 BMW F800R Naked Roadster
2011 BMW F800R Naked Roadster is undoubtedly the hottest naked bike generations considering that the BMW K1300R. Moreover, two cylinder bikes like this great state of the art of seductive roadster unique: the wrapping style, lighting. A model of country-product of the technique is very cold, the ideal blend of ride pure satisfaction of having a greater degree of suitability for daily use. A 798 cc 2 cylinder wrapped entirely in black, not only looks cool, it looks pretty cool. It has also attracted power.

Parallel two popular and economical to actually provide a real pleasure. 86 Nm of torque is great in this class - for example 87 hp. in general, simply because it can be obtained within a range of engine speeds is really handy. In other words, this engine offers ridability really good, and the BMW F 800 R provides a wide variety that will delight newcomers older and arms together. Ergonomics to match almost every person, firm, stable chassis and spherical geometry fully sensitive to this awesome package: handling large for the city and great stability to travel at higher speeds on highways in the nation.

With this fun, additional optional ABS also welcome, as well as other features such as LED technology, design pieces, wise choices of luggage - and obviously a ride analysis. And do not forget: the bikes are also obtainable with 34 hp.

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