Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

Summer Solstice Necklace

It's officially summer, so here is a cute and quick necklace to whip up using a pendant from Golem Studios in their lace design.  Geometrics are hot for summer fashions and triangles are pointing the way to trendy styles.  I teamed this striking pendant with ceramic tabs from Elaine Ray, a hand blown glass bead and Czech flowers, the play of the complimentary color palette makes this a fresh find.

Ceramic pendant - Golem Studios
Hand blown glass bead - Stephanie Ann
4 ceramic 12mm tabs - Elaine Ray
1 copper 12mm round bead
12 Czech flowers (6 of two colors)
12 copper 4mm spacers
12 2" copper ball headpins
6 2" brass eyepins
10 brass 12mm jump rings
brass hook clasp
2 5" lengths of brass chain

Create the elements:
1. Add a spacer, ceramic tab and a spacer to an eyepin.  Repeat with the other 3 ceramic tabs and the glass bead and copper bead for 6 beaded links.

2. Add a glass flower to a ball headpin, create a wrapped loop using the rest of the wire wrapped several times under the loop.  Repeat with the other 11 flowers.

Put the necklace together:
1. On the jump ring, add the pendant and a ceramic tab.  Close the jump ring.
2. Add a jump ring to the other side of the ceramic tab, add 3 flower dangles and the glass bead link, close the jump ring.
3. Add a jump ring to the other side of the glass bead, add 3 flower dangles and a ceramic tab, close the jump ring. 
4. Add the chain to the last tab with a jump ring.
5. Repeat pattern on the other side, using the copper bead instead of the glass bead.
6. Add the hook clasp with a jump ring, add the other jump ring to the other side of the chain.

A simpler variation of this design uses one of Golem's poppy pendants with smokey quartz links and a single color of flowers.  This one reminds me of art nouveau jewelry with the graphic floral elements and geometric design.

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