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Studio Saturday with Erin Prais-Hintz

Welcome to Studio Saturday! Each week one of our contributors gives you a sneak peek into their studio, creative process or inspirations. We ask a related question of our readers and hope you'll leave comments! As an incentive we offer a free prize each week to bribe you to use that keyboard. The following week we choose a random winner.

This weeks winner is lunedreams. Congratulations!
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This week we visit the studio of Erin Prais-Hintz, Tesori Trovati Jewelry.


Greetings from the Bead and Button show!
I am not actually in my studio, but attending the biggest consumer bead show in the world! If you haven't heard that the Bead and Button show is going on right now in Milwaukee you must be living under a rock.

There are over 600 bead and jewelry classes over the course of the week and I usually take one...or four!
But this year I blew my training wad on a class in D.C. for ArtBliss with Stephanie Lee (so totally worth it!)... so I need to find something else to do with my time... and money! (But somehow I don't think that will be a problem!)
{Experiments in using the E3 etching system with Sherri Haab, 2010
I highly recommend Sherri as an instructor!}
Last year I took two all day classes with Sherri Haab, so it was like having her all to myself for two full days, and the year before that I took four smaller classes to learn everything from etching to PMC. I highly recommend classes if you can take them, especially multiple day ones like the year I took Susan Lenart Kazmer's class the first year she introduced Ice Resin...and sat next to Jennifer Heynen of Jangles! I know I will miss taking classes, but this year I am only going with the intention of shopping, oogling, and connecting with people. With over 370 exhibitors I am sure that I will find a few things that I can't live without: precious gems, pearls, chain, fiber, tools, beading supplies and of course, art beads!

{The Jangles booth is always a sunny place filled with bright pops of color. Hey! That's Jennifer in there!}
My very favorite aisles are the ones where all the art bead artists hang out. Some of our very own editors will be there along with many of your favorites.

{Just one of the art bead artist aisles at the Bead & Button show}

Walking through the doors of the Bead and Button show is like coming home for me. All my bead freak peeps in one place! My family and friends just don't get my obsession and can't talk about it with me without their eyes glazing over and their mind wandering, but the Bead & Button show (or any show for that matter) is like the Mothership landing. Everywhere you look there is a new friend waiting for you to discover.

{Last year I was surprised to find Heather Trudeau, the PeacockFairy who found me at Heather's booth! She is just the sweetest, most lovely girl. I hope to meet her newest and best project, Baby Richard this year!}
Through all the blogging that I have done over the past few years, I have connected with so many great people online. But there is nothing quite like walking down that aisle and seeing in person the artists that I have come to 'know' through their blogs, websites, tutorials and beads. Connecting with the bead peeps in person is the best part for me, whether it is in their booth, passing in an aisle or sitting next to them in a class.  They are real people, just like me but I still get a bit starstruck when I am talking to them. I won't lie... it sort of freaked me out last year when people were coming up to me in the aisles saying that they know me, they follow me, they have watched my work evolve from afar. I was flattered, but more than that I was delighted to put a face with a name. I expect there will be more of the same this year.

{Me and my best bead buddy Heather Powers in 2009, the first year we met and bonded at Bead and Button. Can you believe she trusted me to pick her up at the airport and stay together having never met me?! That is bead peep love, I tell ya!}
I hope that if you are coming to the Bead and Button show that you will stop by the Humblebeads booth 1212 and say hello to me and Heather! We would love to meet you!
Of course, I will be wearing my favorite jewlery pieces, and the first thing that beaders do when they meet a fellow beader is walk up and fondle your jewelry.... then they look you in the eyes and say hello! I always find it funny to get the 'beader's handshake' when I am at these things. That is the funniest thing, but you make an instant connection over jewelry which is too cool!

{Lisa Peters Art - each one is different!}
Since I am shopping 'til I drop this year, I am going to set aside a little bunch of goodies just for one lucky random commenter. I can't share with you what it is, as I am doing the shopping right now! But I promise it will be chock full of goodies that I hand picked just for you!

{Not quite sure whose booth this was from 2010, but that gives you an idea of the sort of things I will be stocking up on! Have I mentioned there are over 370 booths to choose from?!}

Just leave your answers for a chance:
If you were to attend the Bead and Button show, would you rather spend your time and money taking classes or buying beads?
If you would like to take classes, what kind of classes would you take?
If you would like to buy beads, what sorts of beads would you be looking for?
Enjoy the day!
Erin Prais-Hintz writes about all things that inspire her at Treasures Found::Inspiration Is Everywhere. Her jewelry designs are one-of-a-kind made one-at-a-time. She collects quotes and dust and invites you to send her your favorite (quote - not dust!) to

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