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The Bead Biz- Elastic Bracelet Tips

Katie Hacker shared some tips with me for making an elastic bracelet. These tips were so good I just couldn't keep them to myself.

Jennifer asks: I have a customer who is asking about making stretchy bracelets, do you have a product you like for them? She is having a hard time keeping the knots tied. I was about to make some too and we both realized that you would be the expert to ask about this. If you have any tips or product names could you let me know? Thanks for your help.

Katie answers:
For the stretchy bracelets... I like to use .08mm diameter because it is nice and thick but not too thick to tie good knots. I use Elasticity, which is made by Beadalon. They recommend a figure-8 knot (picture on package) to tie it, but I typically just tie a square knot. Try to put some tension on the cord while you're tying the knot, then pull all of the ends to tighten the knot once it's tied. I put a drop of jeweler's cement like GS Hypo on the knot, let it dry, then cut off any extra. If you can tuck the knot into a nearby bead, that will help protect the knot.Also, a word to the wise: remember that stretchy material is not as durable as beading wire. Stretchy bracelets are fun to make and wear but they probably aren't going to last forever.

You can find Katie's blog here with more helpful tips on jewelry making.

This post was written by Jennifer Jangles. You can find more about her on her blog, Jennifer Jangles.

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