Rabu, 29 Juni 2011

Antler Pin

 I have the most interesting pin idea to share with you today!
 A few weeks ago at the Mixed Minded event in Kitchener I met a lovely lady named Beverly.  She signed up for my resin classes and brought something very unique to work with.  This is a slice of antler.  (Deer and elk lose their antlers naturally so you don't have to worry about animals being harmed.) 

We wanted to see what would happen to the slice if we poured on resin.  I protected the surface with a few coats of mod podge. Then I glued on a tiny bit of a decorative napkin.  I poured some Envirotex Lite onto the surface after everything was dried and dropped in a few glass beads.  It cured perfectly!
 I decided to attach the slice to some filigree.  Then I glued on a pin bar.
 This pin is so pretty!  Thank you Beverly for making me experiment on this new surface!

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