Rabu, 24 November 2010

The Name Tag - Part One

I need a new name tag. I hate to wear a plastic pocket on a string and since I need to wear one at the One of A Kind show for ten hours a day...I felt I better try and make one I would like.

I printed my name on fabric using a couple of different colours and pulled out some other items which might work on a sewn fabric name tag. The felt is thick and sturdy and I attached some clear acetate to the reverse so I could also enclose the official paper name tag I get on site.

Sewing through fibers, felt and the plastic backing was very easy.
I added a few eyelets so I can attach this name tag holder to string or ribbon. That I'll sort out tonight.
I have had these metal letters for years! I know I was duplicating what was already in fabric...but loved it anyway. Plus, I only found the letters after I was done sewing. I felt it was a sign and that they needed to be sewn onto the name tag holder.

The first part of my name tag project is complete.
Tune in tomorrow to see how I turn it into a necklace.

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