Selasa, 23 November 2010

Fit to Print Review: 101 Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings

I picked this magzine up the other day and have been pouring over it during my lunch breaks.  I dissect each project, discovering the surprising ways the contributors kept 101 designs fresh, beautiful and innovative.  If you love Stringing magazine, you'll want to pick up this issue.  The projects are strung or simple wire-work and bursting with creativity.

There are 3 awesome features including a primer on what makes a successful bracelet, the tricks of layering necklaces and an easy way to knot pearls.  And dear reader, after seeing Danielle Fox's 'Bunny Love' bracelet you will have an inexplicable desire to knot pearls!  Gaea Cannaday has a great project that takes you through the steps of creating a natural patina on copper. And you can learn how to make a handmade sterling silver chain bracelet from Janice Berkebile.

I should mention there are only 3 earring projects.  My favorite part of the magazine - they are heavy on the art beads and showcase the work of a wide range of talented beadmakers.

I encourage you to look at your favorite projects, study them as a lesson and take this short quiz:

1. What is the first thing I notice about this design?

2. Break down the color combination - could I use this in my own work?

3. Are there any usual design elements that were utilized?  (I noticed jump rings used as spacers and seed beads used as a decorative ring to end a bracelet)

4. Is there anything usual about the clasp or how the focal bead is attached?

5. How can I use this inspiration to create something original?

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