Sabtu, 20 November 2010

Card Salute To Harry Potter

Could not resist making a set of cards celebrating the release of the new Harry Potter movie.
You would have to be a real fan of the books and movies to get these little jokes, but here is a little explanation:

Keep Calm and Wingardium Leviosa ( Keep calm and make the object fly.)
Keep Calm and Expecto Patronum (Keep calm and conjure up your patronum.)
Keep Calm and Evanesco (Keep calm and make it vanish)

This flower is so late. Why or how it managed to bloom this week I do not know. I half expect to see it growing out of a pile of snow, it's been that cold every morning. But, better late than never I guess. I have a lot on my plate this weekend and the sooner I get to it the better. Here are my fantastic Saturday crafty blogger links.

About Family Crafts

Are you wondering what kind of crafts to make for local craft fairs and church bazaars? Check out these ideas and share your own.

Aileen's Musings

Get ready for Thanksgiving morning by making Pumpkin Biscottis ahead of time. Aileen has a pumpkin biscotti printable recipe card ready for you!

Carmi's Art/Life World

Carmi is inspired by a magazine cover to make a cute pine cone tree.

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world

This week at Craftside there is a chance to win a copy of The Complete Photo Guide to Paper Crafts, ideas for dressing up twinkle lights with die cuts, a tutorial on how to watercolor and transfer images on old postcards, info on different types of compositions, and 3 blue-ribbon recipes.

Crafty Princess Diaries

Tammy has great news! Her new book is one step closer to being out on bookstore shelves.

Eileen - The Artful Crafter

Have you heard about Crafters’ Anonymous? We’re tackling our stash, one step at a time!

Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter

Madge Crafts from the Couch and Shares a Retrofabulous Christmas Stocking!

Mixed Media Artist

Expanded squares are a fun way to create a repeating fabric pattern!

Stefanie Girard's Sweater Surgery

See how to make an illuminated broken windshield glass filled vase inspired by the book Eco Craft.

The Crochet Dude

Drew unveils the November purse as part of his Purse Pattern of the Month Club! It's a sexy little number with a metallic copper finish.

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