Rabu, 21 April 2010

You Are My People

When I first learned of Art Bead Scene through Lorelei, I felt as if I had come home. I spent hours pouring over the site; past posts, current members, monthly challenges and reader comments. My blood quickened and my Creative Muse was not just awakened but charged as if she had been given Red Bull.
I went to the neglected clay table and pushed aside the embossing powders and flat polymer clay bases I had previously been making a living on and began to create....

An Art Bead.
(insert angelic choir here)

Emerging Pod by me
But the idea of an Art Bead wasn't just for my own creation, there was a whole world of art beads to discover. To obsessively collect and hoard. They would conjure up worlds outside of my own, allowing me to dream and create from those dreams.

This new way of thinking about beads gave the average stone or glass bracelet a purpose, a history and a story. It wasn't just assembly with beads it was a piece of someone's artistic ability.

Their years perfecting their craft, honing their skills and bravely sharing them with the world. We get to own a little piece of them and treasure them as the unique individual they are.

We get to combine their creativity with our own and make something beautiful. 

I look forward to delving further into the Art Bead Scene and getting to know other art bead makers and those whose design with them. Thank you for your warm welcome and allowing me into your lives.

You are my People.

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