Kamis, 01 April 2010


LaWendula at Woven Letters continues to host a series of creative and exciting swaps and challenges (swallenges).

I participated in her Letters and Numbers swap recently and was partnered with Lay Hoon from mescrap studio in Malaysia. Here are some of the items I sent to Lay Hoon:

And I was lucky enough to receive the following treasures from Lay Hoon:

I was also part of LaWendula's Collage Box project. She filled a box with bits and pieces of paper and other art material. One by one the box was sent out to a group of people all over the world. Each person was to take 12 pieces from the box and use these to create a collage. They were then suppose to add 12 new pieces and send the box on. Clever, right? Here are the pieces that I chose from the box:

And here is the collage I made from these items:

I used only parts of the 12 pieces I chose, including a playing card which became the substrate for the collage. The only other ingredients were dye inks.

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