Kamis, 08 April 2010

How To Justify a Crafty Purchase

Yesterday I whipped up this little pin for my jean jacket. I like making pins and I like wearing them even more!

You see, I am travelling back to Paris tomorrow. I was thinking about my last trip when suddenly my craft laws began chiming in my head. Yes, I have craft laws.
I made a pledge that I wouldn't buy anymore supplies if the supplies I bought previous had not been used yet.
This is a tough rule. But it stops me from just collecting (hoarding) certain things with the promise of "I'll use this some day."

On my last trip I found these tiny plastic dolls. They were pricey but I loved them and I think I want more. But, I have not used one of the 12 I already have...so this pin idea is my way to get around the crafty law I live by.

I gathered up all the tiny leftovers on my table and used resin to collage all these pieces to the wooden heart.
One pinback later - and voila a new pin!

She might just be returning to France with me!

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