Kamis, 15 April 2010

Curving Shadows

There is currently an exhibit of rarely seen objects created by German-born, American artist Eva Hesse at Hauser & Wirth in NYC.

From their press release: "...delicate papier cache forms - wisps of assembled paper, tape, cheesecloth and adhesive...that are neither round nor rectangle, but indeterminate. Intimate manifestations of the artist's thought process, they evoke the bodily, suggesting fragments of the skull, sheaths of timeworn parchment, tablets awaiting manuscripts, curving shadows..."

The colors and textures of these objects are thrilling in person. At once simple and yet at the same time sophisticated, I found a sense of tranquility in each piece. Looking at once fragile and strong, these objects were quite fascinating to me. Click each image to get a larger view of each object.

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