Selasa, 30 Maret 2010

A New York Minute

Back in December I blogged about an upcoming exhibit that I was excited to see, the photography of Miroslav Tichý at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in NYC. Tichý is a Czech photographer with a fascinating history. You can read more about him in my earlier post and at Tichy Ocean.

Courtesy of Foundation Tichy Ocean

What totally captivated me were his cameras, completely hand constructed from found objects! No photography was allowed at the gallery and for this post, pictures were provided by Foundation Tichy Ocean or shot from post cards bought at the show. Perhaps there is irony to be found in the fact that one cannot take photos of a photography exhibit!!

The exhibit did not disappoint. Although small in scope, the exhibit is well worth a visit. From the exhibit - "His photographs are sensual objects, artifacts of a deliberately abusive production process in which injury and distress are not only allowed but considered philosophically."

"Like a gleaner, he moves through the city, collecting the small moments that others might ignore or overlook."

His photographs were often framed with "a deliberate awkwardness, a denial of perfection." Sometimes mounted on old book covers, paper, or cardboard, his frames were styled with hand drawn lines - sometimes simple and at times quite ornate.

As part of the exhibit, there were two huge glass tanks filled with the "debris" of his career: cameras, film, piles of old photographs, books, leather camera cases, lights made from tin cans, old wooden frames, drawings, and pairs of glasses with bits of metal strands used as ear pieces. For me, these were the best part.

Courtesy of Foundation Tichy Ocean

This exhibit runs through May 9th.

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